Erdoghan’s Justifications Sound Ridiculous


10.12.2009 18:47 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The meeting between Turkish Prime Minister and U.S.
President correspond to Turkey’s interests, according to ARFD Hay Dat
Bureau Director Giro Manoyan. Erdoghan’s statement on the necessity of
progress in Karabakh process testify to Turkey’s inability to impose
its position on U.S. President, he told Thursday a news conference
in Yerevan.

"That enables Armenian authorities to declare their intention of
changing ‘football diplomacy’ rules and torpedo talks," he said,
characterizing Turkish Parliament’s failure to publish conclusion on
Protocols by December 7 as constitutional violation.

Besides, he said, Erdoghan’s statements on Turkish executive’s
inability to exert pressure upon the legislative sound ridiculous.

"The sooner Armenia speaks about Turkey’s violations of negotiation
process, the sooner it will protect itself from the imminent threat,"
he said.