Azerbaijani Expert: Karabakh Negotiations Have Reached A Level Profi

Z. Ahmadov

11 December 2009 [11:39]

"I believe currently we are witnessing a very delicate policy by
Turkey," Azerbaijani political expert Rasim Agayev said.

"Turkey got Armenia to sign the Zurich protocols with each of the
sides sharing equal responsibility for their signing. Of course,
after signing of the Zurich protocols, Azerbaijan expressed his
discontent with Turkey’s move. But, further developments showed that
Turkey links possibility of opening the borders with Armenia with
return of Azerbaijan’s occupied territories," Agayev said.

"Thus, linking opening the Armenian-Turkish border with return of
Armenian-occupied territories of Azerbaijan has put Yerevan in a
situation where it needs to define its actions."

"In the meanwhile, Armenia’s capabilities to influence the situation
have deeply changed. Given all this, I think that the Karabakh
negotiations have reached a level profitable for Azerbaijan, and we
can expect progress in resolving this issue," the analyst said.

"At the same time there is profitable foreign policy situation for
Baku when the West, weakened by an economic crisis, strongly needs
energy which it can get from Azerbaijan. In this situation it is very
important that Azerbaijan takes the right action for its own benefit,"
the expert noted.

"In early 1990s Azerbaijan lost a lot because of short-sighted and
erroneous policy. Now, a time has come when Armenia may be in a
position Azerbaijan was in early 1990s," the analyst said.

"Exactly this will happen next if Armenia does not agree to the
compromises it is suggested."

He said the Turkish prime minister’s statements indicating to a
need to intensify the OSCE Minsk Group efforts have been made to lay
full responsibility for resolving the Karabakh conflict on the OSCE
Minsk Group and also prompt them to become more involved in resolving
the conflict.

"The goal of the United States is to take control of the state, as
well as energy in our region. It should be noted that Turkey and the
United States share the same positions on energy issues. On the other
hand, Ankara coordinates its positions on policies in the region with
Washington," Agayev added.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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