If Turkey delays ratification, Armenia will promptly react

Serzh Sargsyan: If Turkey delays ratification of Protocols, Armenia
will promptly take relevant steps in compliance with international law

2009-11-28 22:53:00

ArmInfo. "I would like to stress that the "reasonable period"
principle works in the Armenian-Turkish process. If Turkey delays the
ratification of the Protocols, then, as I have already said, Armenia
will take prompt steps in compliance with the international law",-
said Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan at the 12th congress of the
ruling Republican Party of Armenia, Saturday.

At the same time, the president stressed that Armenia is ready to
efficiently continue the started process. He said that he had already
applied to the Constitutional Court of Armenia, which is to decide
whether the signed Protocols comply with the Armenian Constitution.

"I would like to stress that the signing of Armenian-Turkish Protocols
and establishment of relations with Turkey does not at all mean a
backtrack from the Armenian Genocide or its oblivion. On the contrary,
I am sure that it is possible to accelerate the recognition process
inside Turkey and all over the world in case of normalization of
relations with Turkey and communication with the Turkish public",- the
president stressed.

"Fairly concerned with possible scenarios of development of
Armenian-Turkish relations, nevertheless, we shouldn’t be afraid of
relations with this state, shouldn’t surrender before difficulties or
backtrack from brave steps. On the contrary, we should decisively
continue our policy and gain a solution to our national and state
problems by means of balanced and reasonable steps",- said Serzh

The president expressed his disagreement with those who state that one
should stay away from Turkey as the latter may deceive us. "We have no
experience of communication with Turkey, but all the same it is
necessary to start this process one day. I assure you that we learn
quickly and today we are not the same as we were a year ago",- he

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