Armenia to respond if Turkey spins out ratification

Aysor, Armenia
Nov 28 2009

Armenia to respond if Turkey spins out ratification

At today’s 12th Congress of the Republican Party, Armenia’s President
Serge Sargsyan said the signed protocols and reconciliation with
Turkey do not mean Armenia will declare off the matter of
international recognition of Genocide.

`On the contrary, the process of recognition may increase after
reconciliation both inside Turkey and all around the world,’ said
Serge Sargsyan who is the Republican Party’s chairman.

He added Armenia shouldn’t avoid and be afraid of relations with
Turkey: `However, we have never had political head-to-head relations
with Turkey. I agree that Turkey is a strong county with peculiar
diplomacy but this doesn’t matter we should not contact with this
country. Believe me, we study and are doing well, so we are not the
same we were a year ago.’

The reconciliation between the two countries will contribute to the
development for both countries and will make peace and stabilize the
region, he said. `We can certainly state that the `ice’ in relations
has been broken and we are having way on, although we are at the
beginning of the process and are waiting for ratification for
Armenian-Turkish protocols. This movement will contribute to the
political and economical development and making peace in the region
and stabilization.’

`This process [ratification by both Parliaments] demands on a sense of
responsibility and commitment to the reached agreements. Principles of
settling the relations in reasonable time rule here, so if Turkey
spins out the ratification then, as I’ve already told, Armenia will
immediately appeal to the suitable international law.’

Armenia’s President has also appealed to Armenian Constitutional Court
to consider whether Armenian-Turkish protocols match with Armenia’s
Constitution, besides.

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