ANKARA: Turkish MP Visits Baku, Views Ratification Of Armenia Deal


Anadolu Agency
Oct 28 2009

Baku, 28 October: Turkish parliamentarian said that the Turkish
parliament would not make any decision that could disturb Azerbaijani

Murat Mercan, chairman of Turkish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs
Commission who is currently in Baku on a formal visit, received a
group of Azerbaijani journalists.

Asked whether Turkish parliament would ratify the protocols signed
on October 10 to establish diplomatic ties and improve bilateral
relations between Turkey and Armenia, Mercan said, "there are various
agreements waiting for parliament’s approval since 2000. The parliament
does not have a time limit to ratify those protocols."

Earlier in the day, Mercan visited Turkish and Azerbaijani martyrdoms
in Baku. He laid a wreath on tombs and observed a minute of silence.

"There is nothing in this world that could make us happier than waving
of Turkish and Azerbaijani flags side by side," he said.

After meeting with Azeri Parliament Speaker Oktay Esedov, Mercan was
received by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

He will participate in a meeting of the parliamentary foreign relations
committees of Turkey and Azerbaijan later in the day.

The Turkish lawmaker is set to meet with Azeri Foreign Minister Elmar
Memmedyarov on Thursday. Mercan will also attend a reception to be
hosted by Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Hulusi Kilic to mark the
October 29 Republic Day before leaving Baku for Turkey.

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