Doughty Street Chambers To Release An Announcement On Armenian Genoc


26.10.2009 23:24 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Doughty Street Chambers has just announced that they
will launch an opinion by Geoffrey Robertson QC (Queen’s Counsel) on
the Armenian Genocide. As PanARMENIAN.Net came to know from Armenian
Community of UK, the opinion, which will be released on 3 November
2009, will highlight how British government ministers have misled the
British parliament over the years under the guidance of the Foreign &
Commonwealth Office (FCO) to deny that there is sufficient evidence
to conclude that the Armenian Genocide took place. The announcement
Doughty Street Chambers goes on to state that:

"Mr. Robertson QC has obtained, under the Freedom of Information Act,
all the FCO policy documents which have informed the UK government’s
position. These hitherto secret memoranda cast a ray of light on how
important legal and ethical questions are handled inside the FCO.

"Mr. Robertson’s opinion has significance for legal and historical
scholarship, but its news value today – and its particular importance
for British politics and for the future involvement of this country
in international affairs – is because it provides a case study of how
easily government policy can be manipulated by the FCO whose members
admit internally that they have abandoned "the ethical dimension" in
favor of what they think will be commercial and diplomatic advantage."

Doughty Street Chambers is a UK set of barristers’ chambers situated
in London’s Doughty Street undertaking crime, family, property,
human rights and civil liberties work. Doughty Street Chambers was
set up in 1990 by thirty independent-minded barristers, aiming to
break the mould of traditional chambers by moving out of the Inns
of Court. The chambers are now three times the size with 89 members,
including 16 Queen’s Counsels. Geoffrey Robertson is the founder and
head of Doughty Street Chambers.

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