French Le Figaro Issues Turkey’s Map


12:2 6 / 10/16/2009

The region map drawn by CBI and U.S. Department of Energy was enclosed
to the October 7, 2009 article on Turkish energy corridors in the
French "Le Figaro" daily. Armenian and Turkish borders are presented
under the Treaty of Sevres.

Sevres Treaty signed August 10 1920 in Sevres city of France by the
Entente member states and the associated states (UK, France, Italy,
Japan, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Kingdom of Serbs,
Croats and Slovenes, Hejaz, Czechoslovakia and Armenia) on one hand
and Turkey on the other. By the date of treaty signing, the main part
of Turkey was occupied by the Great Powers. Under the Treaty of Sevres,
Turkey lost control over a number of territories and recognized Armenia
"as a free and independent state". Turkey and Armenia agreed to obey
to the U.S. President Woodrow Wilson who fixed the borders within
Van, Bitlis, Erzurum and Trapezund vilayets, as well as accept his
conditions on Armenia’s access to the Black Sea (through Batumi).

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