This Is Not Opposition

Hakob Badalyan

11:25:47 – 14/10/2009

Many within the public have the suspicion that those forces who speak
against the Armenian and Turkish protocols are controlled by the
government. The actions of the greater part of those forces as well
as the head of the movement ARF Dashnaktsutyun seem to confirm all the
suspicions because regardless their protest, the greater part of those
forces including the Dashnaktsutyun, avoids criticizing directly Serge
Sargsyan. But maybe those suspicions though grounded do not coincide
with the reality and the Dashnaktsutyun is only trying to be cautious
with the government. But in this case, the question occurs, which is
the reason why the ARF is more cautious with the government than with
the public. Of course, the public does not have a repressive machine to
punish who is incautious in its regards but the public has its measures
of punishment which are not material though more tangible if the aim
of a political force is to be a significant subject in politics.

It is not ruled out either that the government, realizing the softness
of the situation, tries to take advantage of the cautiousness of the
Dashnaktsutyun to deepen the suspicions that everything is planned
by the government. It is natural. The government tries to use the
situation in is favor. The question is what the Dashnaktsutyun does to
dispel those suspicions on its partnership with the government. When
the ARF leaders are asked a question in this connection they ask in
return what they have to do to prove the honesty of their protest as
it is not determined by demanding the resignation of the president. Of
course, it is not. The demand on resignation is not a measurement of
honesty. The government may include this demand in its scenario if
there is such one. The measurement of honesty in politics is difficult
to be shown. Perhaps, there is not such one. Maybe there is no honesty
in politics either. Merely, there is an aim for the achievement of
which the political force supports this or that factor.. The whole
question is the aim of a certain force.

This is the question around which, the forces protesting against the
current content of the Armenian and Turkish protocols, are not honest
with the public, or they are not fully honest or do not realize the aim
of the protest. They do not realize more at seeing that the so-called
normalization process goes at almost arithmetic progression when the
protest is firm in its place. Before the singing of the protocols,
the ARF and some other forces kept stating they would do everything to
prevent the singing. They did not and in essence, they did nothing else
but held a march. Who will believe in the success of this job? Perhaps,
no one even if the ARF states five times a day that it will undertake
an attempt of change of government.

Under such conditions, even if the Dashnaktsutyun makes a change of
government five times a day the trust of the public will not enhance
towards it the same. The Dashnaktsutyun, and in general any other
political force, if they want to be perceivable and trustworthy for
the public they have to be clear about the main issues which worry the
public. While, the impression is that the Dashnaktsutyun is excited
with the fact that finally the time came when it can put apart the
home life and with the excuse of the Armenian and Turkish relations
become opposition. No one becomes opposition this way.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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