Kosachev: The Ratification Will Be Adopted


Tuesday, October 13

MK’s correspondent in the article titled "Ankara and Yerevan don’t care
about Baku" addressed to the head of State Duma Committee Konstantin
Kosachev to comment on signing the pact between Armenia and Turkey.

"This is a very positive development for Armenia since it was
landlocked country sandwiched between Azerbaijan and Turkey with
conditioned complex relations on the one hand, and Georgia which on
an ongoing basis used to practice "Armenian factor" negotiating with
Russia, on the other.

"So I believe that the signing of protocols will stabilize the region,
not bring it to a head. Running Armenian and Turkish governments
have a majority in Parliaments, so the ratification will certainly
be accompanied by debates; however, it seems quite clear to me that
the ratification will be adopted.

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