Case Was Quashed


16:47:55 – 14/09/2009

The Armenian Office of Prosecutor General quashed the case of
the representative of the ANM Gyumri office, the head of Levon
Ter-Petrosyan’ headquarter for 2008 presidential election in the
Shirak region Murad Grigoryan because of the lack of evidences.

Recall he was accused of Article 149 of the Crime Code of impeding
the works of the electoral commission on the day of the presidential
election. After being underground for more than one year, Murad
Grigoryan presented to the law enforcement bodies. In prosecutor’s
office, the case was quashed because of the lack of evidences, as
informed Grigoryan’s lawyer Varduhi Elbakyan in a conversation with
us. She expressed her doubt that this may be a political decision
as they maybe afraid of the precedents when the witnesses in other
cases refused their testimonies and the cases turned out to be false.

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