NKR President Bako Sahakyan’s Address On Karabakh Independence Day


2009/09/02 | 12:19

Respected citizens of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic

Today we celebrate nationwide the 18th anniversary of the formation
of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic.

On September 2, 1991 the people of Artsakh opened a new chapter in
our ancient history resolutely embarking on the hard and honorable
way of building free and independent, sovereign and democratic state.

>From the very first day of its formation our state was forced to solve
hard problems and in the first place ensure security of the country and
its citizens. Together with Armenia and the Diaspora Artsakh carried
our this mission with flying colors defending state independence and
further strengthening its security. Many Armenians sacrificed their
lives in the defense of the Fatherland. Eternal glory to them!

After the war the state faced new challenges this time of economic
nature. We had to both restore the destroyed economy and lay a firm
foundation for the further development of the state. The creative will
of the Armenian people as well as inexhaustible optimism and vigor
of the Artsakh people made the Nagornyy Karabagh Republic carry out
this in a relatively short period of time.

Today our country shows stable growth; almost all the branches
of economy are developing, the living standards of the population
are rising. The democratic system functioning in our state meets
international norms and criteria. Artsakh is among the key factors of
preserving stability in the region and its international recognition
is only matter of time. The most important security guarantor of our
state and people, the NKR Defense Army, is able to give a fitting
rebuff to any encroachment upon its independence and security. Still,
there is a lot to do and we solve issues our republic faces and
further develop our country by everyday assiduous and consecutive work.

On the path of its development and state building the Nagorno Karabagh
Republic follows the ideas of establishing friendly relations and
peaceful existence with the neighboring states. We are confident that
any dispute should be settled only by peaceful means, through direct
and sincere dialog. At the same time there could be no doubts about
the independence of Artsakh or even the slightest weakening of the
republic’s security. These unconditioned values are not subjects to
any speculations.

Dear compatriots, I heartily congratulate all of us on this holiday
of utmost importance and wish you peace, health and all the best.


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