2948 Students Entered Yerevan State University


13:41:56 – 02/09/2009

The rector of Yerevan State University Aram Simonyan says he is
satisfied with the results of university admittance this year. Instead
of the estimated 2466 students 2948 have been admitted. The reason
is that in 2010-2011 schools will not have school-leavers and all the
universities will face serious financial problems. This is the reason
why many universities, having opportunities, admitted more than they
were going to admit. The Ministry of Education has given permission
to introduce pre-bachelor programs.

Simonyan noted that the number of student preferring natural sciences
dropped, which is very worrying. The government must work out a
program of assistance to prevent this. In particular, in chemical and
ecological departments the number of students is below the number
of government scholarships. According to the rector, the reason
is the state of the chemical industry. The number of applicants
keeps decreasing year over year in the departments of physics,
mechanics even though Armenia has a nuclear plant. Biology is not
popular either. Applicants are less interested in French and German
languages. Schools are to blame for this. Many schools where German
or French are taught are shifting to English, says Aram Simonyan.

There are problems connected with refreshment and imrpovement of
staff. There is a problem of enhancement of education quality, job
procurement for university graduates. According to Simonyan, the
establishment of branches of state universities in the regions is a
positive phenomenon. For example, Yerevan State University has a branch
in Ijevan, which keeps a large number of young people living there.