Davutoghlu Is Not The Owner Of The Situation


Sept 1 2009

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoghlu, pointing at the aid of
the third countries, confessed that he does not have any influence
over the process of the settlement of the relations between Turkey
and Armenia and is not the owner of the situation.

The "Hyuriet Daily news" publication informs that the head of the
Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that he had had a phone talk with the
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. "It was vast discussion about
the Near East, Caucasus and Balkans. We decided to keep in touch in
these few days", – he said.

At the same time the diplomatic recourses inform that during the
conversation the main issue discussed during the 35 minutes was the
settlement of Armenian – Turkish relations.

Turkey expects that the USA will use its influence in Yerevan-Ankara
relations settlement.

In the article of the above mentioned publication is also mentioned
that without NKR conflict solution any step undertaken for the conflict
solution makes Azerbaijan nervous. For this reason recently the deputy
of the Turkish Foreign Minister Feridun Shirinoglu visited Baku where
he has reported about the negotiation with Armenia.

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