ARF Dashnaktsutyun To Present Its Platform


18:32:38 – 28/08/2009

As autumn is drawing nearer, a lively discussion of the prospect of
cooperation of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun, Heritage Party and the Armenian
National Congress is underway. In this context, the platforms that
the Armenian National Congress and the Heritage presented with an
interval of a few days which have 12 and 5 points respectively are
recalled. These are still papers and are a mere basis for forecasts
and expectations. We have learned that the ARF Dashnaktsutyun is now
drawing up its platform which will be presented. Hence, all the three
parties will have their platforms. Perhaps the ARF, the Heritage and
the Congress will set to find points in common for cooperation.

Experts forecast that the cooperation of the three forces will have
an immense potential if political rather than personal approaches
and prospects prevail in their actions. The cooperation of the three
political forces could revive the home political life, placing it on
the opposite track to the status of derivative from external policies,
when the foreign policy will derive from the home political situation.