U.S. tries to promptly dispatch Karabakh issue: MP


U.S. tries to promptly dispatch Karabakh issue: MP
16:31 / 08/15/2009

Lernik Alexanyan, Armenian Republican Party member reckons although
OSCE MG U.S. Co-chair is changed, American policy will remain
unchanged, as in our region U.S. policy is beyond state officers.
`Replacement of one diplomat will not lead to policy change, unless
the country changes its course and sends a corresponding
representative,’ Alexanyan said assuming that a new U.S. Co-chair will
be more sharp tempered, implementing better the U.S. policy in the
The MP also stressed that U.S. pursuing its interests would try to be
promptly dispatch Karabakh issue and other problems of the region.
`Escalation of relations in the region is not advantageous for the
U.S., as the West has certain financial and economic interests, trying
to stabilize the situation,’ he concluded.

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