Diaspora Ministry calls to invest in Javakhk


Diaspora Ministry calls to invest in Javakhk
18:15 / 08/15/2009

Armenian Deputy Diaspora Minister Stepan Petrosyan found an easy way
to struggle against Javakhk Armenians’ migration. He called Armenian
businessmen to make investments in Javakhk as employment is the
region’s main problem. `There is no problem of Armenian’s
preservation, but migration problem, that is economic problem as
well,’ he stated.
Ministry does its best to involve Javakhk Armenians in cultural and
educational programs.
As to the ban of Georgians authorities to book’s supply to Javakhk,
Petrosyan said that the issue is raised at the Education and Foreign
Ministries as it is intergovernmental relations related issue. `We
hope the problem will be solved. There is no Armenian literature in
Georgia. What is the ban aimed at?’ he underlined.