Baku: European Union Prepares New Meeting On East Partnership


Azerbaijan Business Center

9:47 p.m. Friday,
August 14, 2009

Baku, Fineko/ The European Union (EU) continues to promote
own initiative of East partnership, oriented to Armenia, Azerbaijan,
Byelorussia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Four Eastern Partnership multilateral thematic platforms were organized
by the European Commission to allow for target-oriented sessions and
serve for open and free discussions, on the basis of the main areas
of cooperation, namely: democracy, good governance and stability;
economic integration and convergence with EU policies; energy security;
contacts between people.

"The initial meetings of four thematic platforms took place in Brussels
on June 2009 (platform 1 – on f June 5; platform 2 – on June 26;
platform 3 – on June 17, platform 4 – on June). The next meeting will
be held in autumn 2009," it was said in the report.

Every platform will adopt the row of realistic tasks which will be
renewed periodically, with a corresponding work program as well as
the review of the achieved progress will be conducted. Sessions of
platforms will be held at least two times a year at the level of senior
officials engaged in the reform work in the relevant policy areas.

Reporting is also envisaged at the annual meeting of minister for
foreign affairs. Work of platforms can sometimes render assistance
through concrete conferences at the level of ministers. There will
be also a panel for support of work of thematic platforms in concrete

Third states will be eligible for the participation on a case-by-case
basis in concrete projects, activities and meetings of thematic
platforms, where it contributes to the objectives of particular
activities and the general objectives of the Eastern Partnership.

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