Reanimania In Yerevan

18:38:20 – 10/08/2009

ReAnimania is the first International Animation Film Festival to take
place in Yerevan, Armenia. It will serve as a fresh stimulus for film
production in Armenia and the region in general, and will provide
ample opportunities for introducing examples of the world’s best
animated movies to the Armenian and foreign audience in Armenia. Our
goal is to facilitate the development of animation art, educate a
new generation of animators, and provide a prospect for presenting
the works of the Armenian animators in the international arena.

We are proud to announce that within the list of partners we have
the prestigious Annecy Film Festival, the well-known Stuttgart Film
Festival, the Aardman Studio, and are in talks with the Encounters
Film Festival of Bristol, UK. Our local partners include the "Golden
Apricot" International Film Festival of Yerevan, The National
Cinema Center of Armenia, "Shushi Rebirth" Foundation, "Calouste
Gulbenkian" Foundation, Cinema Moscow, KASSart Studio, as well as
we have full partnership of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. The
local Embassies of France, Germany, Norway, Brazil, USA and Italy
are readily cooperating with us in regards with foreign guests and
participants and other logistical issues.

The Retrospective Programs are also very interesting. This year we
are planning to feature a program dedicated to the 100th Anniversary
German animation, with all the materials provided by the Goethe
Institute. We are also doing a Retrospective Program celebrating world
renowned Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto’s lifetime achievements in
animation, with all the materials provided by the Bozzetto Studio. We
will be featuring the gems of International Animation from the 1960s
to nowadays, with all the materials provided by the Annecy Festival
official archives. An Armenian Animation Retrospective is also in
the process, dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of screening the first
Armenian animation film "The Dog and the Cat".

Our Workshop Program will be led by the world-renowned animator
Max Howard, (former president of Warner Bros. Feature Animation,
Executive producer for DreamWorks), who will conduct a 4-day master
class in Professional Coaching for Animation Film Production, as well
as will present his new animation film "Igor". Another workshop in 3D
will be led by famous animator Yoshi Tamura ("Hercules", "Tarzan 2",
"Shark Tale", "Igor", etc.).

We have also confirmed an additional Children’s Program, featuring
films by Michel Ocelot and Tomm Moore, to be conducted parallel to
the main Festival Program.

These achievements are proof that the ReAnimania International
Animation Film Festival of Yerevan is long overdue and will definitely
serve its purpose of catalyst to show the world that Armenia is
ready to present itself as a hub for animation professionals and
specialists, as well as become a business summit point to connect
the artistic East and the West, as it has done for ages, serving as
the crossroad for the Silk Road.

The festival will consist of the following programs:

Competition ·Best Short Film ·Best Feature Film ·Best Graduation
Film ·Best TV series ·Audience Award ·RA Ministry of Culture Award
·Children’s special notice Special Programs ·Festivals, Companies
and Schools ·Retrospectives Premieres ·"WALS WITH BASHIR" – dir. Ari
Folman /Israel/ ·"SITA SINGS THE BLUES" – dir. Nina Paley /USA/
·"IDIOTS AND ANGLES"- dir. Bill Plympton /USA/ ·"PERSEPOLIS" –
dir. Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud /France/

Workshops ·Directing Animation ·2D Traditional Animation ·3D Animation
(not CGI) ·Storyboarding ·Animation Character Design Exhibitions
·Animation Art Examples ·Bande Dessinee

ReAnimania has already received Application entry forms from various
countries, such as France, Russia, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Norway,
Poland, Estonia, Lebanon, Belorussia, Georgia, Syria and Belgium.

Ani Gharabaghtsyan

Media representative ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival
of Yerevan

Hrachia Kochar 16, Suite 3 Yerevan – 0013, Armenia Tel: 010 27 36 99

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