Platform Before Becoming Ambassador

14:02:54 – 11/08/2009

Mathew Bryza’s statements made in Tsakhkadzor create grounds to
worry. These statements served for platform before his appointment
ambassador to Azerbaijan, stated the parliamentary member from the
Heritage faction Vardan Khachatryan.

In his opinion, Bryza’s statement that first 5 regions and after
5 years, another 2 regions should be returned to Azerbaijan was
important. As a counterbalance to this, the question on the term
of the Karabakhi status should have been brought up, which did not
happen. The question on the return of Azerbaijani refugees is set,
but without any term. This means the question on the referendum may
be prolonged as long as they wish. The silence of the government is
surprising, stated Vardan Khachatryan.

According to Vardan Khachatryan, Armenia is involved in a Russia-
Turkey- U.S. game. Again, our home issues may be used as coins for
the superpowers.

The parliamentary member dwelt on the Armenian and Turkish
relations. The border will not open, because the Azerbaijani repression
is impassable for Turkey, stated Vardan Khachatryan.