NATO, US and EU not aware of peculiarities of regional conflicts

NATO, US and EU not aware of peculiarities of regional conflicts
08.08.2009 13:56 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ `Normalization of Armenian-Turkish ties will not
negatively affect Armenian-Russian relations; just the contrary,’
Alexander Sotnichenko, leading analyst of St. Petersburg Center for
Middle East Studies, told a PanARMENIAN.Net correspondent. Armenia is
not involved in South Stream and Nabucco projects because of
complicated relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey,’ Russian expert
said, adding that Armenia’s involvement is only to the benefit of
project participants. Sotnichenko does not find Nabucco a realistic
project, considering Iran, the main gas supplier, is not a project
participant. `Armenia’s participation is theoretically ruled out, but
anyway, the pipeline will not operate to full capacity,’ he stressed.
Russian analyst finds regional conflict settlement a rather
complicated issue. `The most important thing is not to allow foreign
forces like NATO, US and even EU to get involved in conflict
settlement processes in any region, as they are not aware of
peculiarities of regional conflicts,’ he noted.
As a result of August 7 negotiations in Ankara, Russian and Turkish
Prime Ministers signed a cooperation agreement in oil and gas spheres.