M. Bryza: `Russia will always stay in the region’

aysor.am, Armenia
Aug 8 2009

M. Bryza: `Russia will always stay in the region’

Human development international center in the frameworks of the
seminar called `Euroforum-Armenia: active participation through
intercultural dialogues and communication’, the OSCE Minsk Group
American co-chair Matthew Bryza noted that it is a big honor for him
to take part in such a seminar in Tsakhkadzor and to speak in front of
a group of a students.

He also expressed his gratitude to the people of Armenia who receive
him in a good and warm atmosphere.

`It is already 12th year that I am working in this system. We are
making our work in three principle ways, security, energy security and
inner improvements. In the list of the security problems the NKR issue
is the most important one. If we do not have any progress in security
it is being difficult to have investments in the country, the economic
growth slows down and the democratic improvements slow down too’, –
said Bryza in his introduction.

According to Matthew Bryza USA has already seen the quick economic
growth of Armenia, now that process has slowed down because of the
economic crisis, but positive changes can be noticed.

`I often read that the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs try to make Armenia
to go for concessions. In reality we try to present so that Armenia
will give some parts and Azerbaijan too will make some concessions. We
also do not try to oust any country from the region. Russia will
always stay in the region’, – noted Matthew Bryza and added that it
doesn’t matter who will be in the region, no one can ask to any one to
reach an agreement, the sides have to have the wish by themselves.

He also reminded the three main principles: self-determination,
territorial integrity and not using a force, and noticed that every
time coming to the region he always mentions them, and also informed
that the most important issue is the security of Artsakh people.

`The inhabitants of Nagorno-Karabakh elect there president, they
regulate their economic life. The final status is decided by the NKR
people. When saying territorial integrity we also mean that they
return some territories that are in NKR region to Azerbaijan’, – said
Bryza noting one more time that he can’t mention the deadline now but
he is more than sure that the issue will be solved when the sides will
be ready.