Israel Comments On Iran’s Influence On Armenia

Aug 7 2009

Solely based on media publications, Israel can make no judgment on
somebody’s actual involvement in anti-Israel terrorist acts in Iran –
Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Channel-9 commenting
on Corriere della sera’s information on Iran’s influence expansion
in Armenia. The article says Tehran-Yerevan TU-154 aircraft crashed
as arms intended for Hezbollah were transported in cargo compartment.

"Iran is very active and influential in former Soviet republics,
especially in places like Armenia and Tajikistan. This cannot be
disregarded. It is still unclear to what extent it has involved these
countries in its terrorist activity against Israel, and we cannot
base ourselves just on media reports," Lieberman declared.

Corriere della sera published an article that arms (including
detonators) were transported for Hezbollah in the cargo compartment
of Tehran-Yerevan TU-154 aircraft (crashed July 15). According to the
source the cargo was heading to Lebanon via Armenia, Turkey, and Syria.

Armenian Foreign Ministry called the publication "groundless and
ridiculous". "The statement on arms transit through Armenia is nothing
but a mean provocation, it is marasmus," said RA FM Spokesman Tigran
Balayan. He outlined that Armenia’s contribution to struggle against
international terrorism has always been appreciated by international