Argentinean Lawyer: Armenian President Draws No Lessons From History


Information-Analytic Agency
Aug 7 2009

Armenian President draws no lessons from Armenian history,
Armenian lawyer Pascual Ohanian told the Argentinean Diario Armenia
daily. Ohanian, 77, historian, is the author of "Turkey: A country
of Genocide".

It took him nearly 10 years to collect the necessary documents for
the book, each volume taking 5 years, but Ohanian described the most
tragic pages of Armenian history in great detail.

Ohanian considers Armenians lacked the statehood experience as they
had to struggle, defend themselves and take care of their own security.

"On the one hand Armenians dramatically suffered from Turkey
and West, on the other – they were confused on way to opt for
changing things for better," Ohanian supposes, "Introspection and
self-criticism is a must. For example, Armenian Presidents do not
draw lessons from history. Relying on U.S., France and GB means not
to act circumspectly. I do not mean to trust Russia implicitly, as
it pursues its own interests using Armenia as a tool. GB and France
have simply sold Armenia out. As to Serzh Sargsyan’s visit to Turkey,
it does not matter at all to them. Their position on Genocide negation
was clearly voiced. OSCE MG should not be confided in either."

Ohanian outlined that Armenia’s geographic location is disadvantageous,
but he knows the way out: good relations with Iran will enable to
communicate with the globe through Persian Gulf.