World Champion Suzy Kentikyan Punches To Fight Homelessness In Armen

31.07.2009 17:07

30 Lilit Asatryan leading Armenian Young Women Association and the
world boxing WBA WIBF champion Suzy Kentikyan, joined Fuller Center for
Housing Armenia to build with Martirosyan family in Haytagh village,
Armavir region.

This was not the first time when Armenian Young Women Association
led by Lilit Asatryan was joining those in housing need by their
volunteer contribution to help the families and to encourage others
to volunteer. On their initiative Suzy Kentikyan used the strength
of her muscles to fight the homelessness away from her homeland.

"I am very glad that I can be useful somehow to those in housing need
as well…I wish they finish their home as soon as possible and move
in" said Suzy.

Suzy Kentikyan, her sister and her grandfather arrived in Armenia from
Northern Hollywood as well as AYWA group consisted of 15 volunteers
helped Martirosyan family to lay concrete waterproof layer around
the house.

"We will remain strong as long as fragile women like Lilit volunteer
with us from year to year and thus make their contribution to the
brighter future of our families. We do become stronger, when celebrated
sportsmen and sportswomen are standing next to us and build with the
needy in Armenia. We are grateful, as the power of our compatriots is
extremely valuable for our mission to give children an opportunity to
live in safe homes and to have safe future," said Armen Avetisyan,
the Executive Director of Fuller Center for Housing Armenia" I am
sure together we will win in this battle against poverty housing
in Armenia".

Martirosyan family got a chance to build a house many years ago, when
they received their plot of land for building. But it is impossible
to start construction and to finish a house with the earning of a
locksmith. They could only erect the walls and had no means to finish
the house and make their dream of own house come true. "When we learnt
that our family was selected as partner family of Fuller Center for
Housing Armenia, we were so happy, realizing that now we have an
opportunity to complete our home. And now when such people join us
and work with us we are proud and grateful" said Sargis Martirosyan.

The Fuller Center for Housing Armenia is working to eliminate
poverty housing by providing long term, interest free loans and by
assisting with volunteers helping low-income families to build simple,
comfortable, affordable houses and renovate their houses.