Only 3% Deflation


06:35 pm | July 31, 2009 | Economy

A 3% deflation was registered in the consumer market in Armenia in
June-July 2009 and prices for products decreased by 2.7% in July
compared to June, as reported by the National Statistical Service
of Armenia.

The National Statistical Service ties the deflation with seasonal
changes of prices for consumer goods. For example, prices for grocery
items (including alcohol and cigarettes) reduced by 5.2% in July
compared to June, while prices for non-grocery items and services
went up by 0.5% and 0.1% respectively.

According to studies, compared to last year, this month there was a
5.7% deflation of grocery products, which was mainly the result of
the 30.2-9.8% deflation of prices for fruits, vegetables and eggs.

In the same period there has been a 0.7% inflation for meat products,
which is mainly due to the inflation of prices for pork and cow-2.1%
and 1.3% respectively.

In July 2009, compared to June, there was a 0.5% inflation in stores,
which was mainly due to the 0.7% inflation for textile, 0.8% for
electronic appliances, 2.1% for clothing, 2.1% for dishwashing liquids
and laundry detergents and 4.8% for stationery.

There was a 0.1% inflation in the services field.