Steps Are Undertaken Towards The Development Of IT Sphere In The RA


JULY 27, 2009

YEREVAN, JULY 27, ARMENPRESS: Nearly 80% of internet users in the
republic come to share for Yerevan, and 20% – for the provinces.

Head of the Union of IT enterprises Karen Vardanian told Armenpress
that considerable works should be implemented to ensure the internet
availability in the provinces.

"If the mentioned 20% we divide between all the provinces of the
republic we will have a very sad result. A few days ago the heads of
the companies of our Union discussed the opportunities of development
of IT technologies in the provinces with the vice Prime Minister Armen
Gevorgian. The fact that the state as well as the private sector have
an interest in conduction of the works in this direction is pleasing,"
K. Vardanian noted.

According to him, the IT companies wish utmost greater number of
residents to make use of their services, the state in its turn is
concerned with the establishment of information society, which will
contribute to the development of the economy.

Companies involved in the Union of IT Enterprises are ready to assist
and apply their experience in the development of the IT sphere in
the provinces.

K. Vardanian said that during the meeting with A. Gevorgian it has
been suggested to implement a pilot project of internet spread in a
village of a province.

"It is good to present suggestions and new ideas, but the support
of the Governors’ offices and necessary steps conducted by them are
also essential in the issue of the realization of these projects,"
K. Vardanian added.

A cooperation agenda is planned to be formed by August 15 and before
that the heads of Companies of the Union of IT Enterprises and the
Governors will meet together.