Most Of World Population Unhappy With Anti-Crisis Programs


27.07.2009 17:07 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The highest level of negative attitude towards
government policy is recorded in Ukraine.

Most of the world population is unhappy with governmental anti-crisis
programs of their countries and consider them to be ineffective. This
was testified by the data of sociological studies conducted by
World Public Opinion among 18 thousand people in 19 countries around
the world.

Only in two countries (India and China) the majority of the respondents
stated that their government is implementing almost every possible
measure to overcome the crisis. Most people in India and China welcomed
the government program to overcome the crisis: 58 per cent of the
Indian population and 74 per cent of China’s population say that
governments measures are "enough" or "almost all" to improve their
economies. In other countries, the research participants expressed
the view that government efforts to combat the economic crisis is
not enough.

For example, 31 per cent of respondents in the United States were
unsure of the U.S. government action in the financial and economic
crisis, 25 per cent believed that the White House made correctly
"almost all", and 44 per cent dissatisfied with the governmental

The highest level of negative attitudes towards government policy was
recorded in Ukraine, where 85 per cent of respondents consider the
anti-crisis measures to be insufficient to overcome the crisis. Only
21 per cent of Russians supported the Russian government’s measures, 66
per cent – found them to be insufficient, and 4 per cent – excessive.

It is important to note that 49 per cent of survey participants in
19 countries blamed the United States in the emergence of the crisis,
42 per cent are seeking a reason in the policies of their own states,
while 26 per cent found it in economic policy in China.