Genocide Education Project Takes Part In IAGS Conference


The Armenian Reporter
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July 24 2009

Arlington, Va. – Representatives of the Genocide Education Project
discussed the history and impact of the Armenian Genocide, and
education about it, during the International Association of Genocide
Scholars (IAGS) 8th Biennial Conference, June 7-10th, in Arlington,

Education Director Sara Cohan, who participated in a panel on genocide
education, delivered a lecture titled, "A Genocide Left Behind: The
Teaching of the Armenian Genocide in U.S. Secondary Schools." In
her remarks, Ms. Cohan incorporated a review of state education
systems that include the teaching of the Armenian Genocide, as well
as education organizations that promote the teaching of the Armenian
Genocide and those that deny it.

"We were honored to take part in the IAGS conference, ‘The new face
of genocide in the 21st century,’ said Raffi Momjian, executive
director of the Genocide Education Project. " IAGS is a longtime
advocate for the affirmation of the Armenian Genocide, and we are
proud to contribute to such an esteemed organization."

Several other conference participants are also members of The Genocide
Education Project’s Advisory Board: Peter Balakian (Colgate University)
and Henry Theriault (Worcester State Collegetook part in a roundtable
discussion on Armenian Golgotha, Bishop Grigoris Balakian’s first-hand
account of the Armenian Genocide as translated by his great nephew
Peter Balakian.

Dr. Balakian also presented "Cultural Genocide and Aftermath," during
a panel discussion on "Genocide and the Impact on Culture and Mental
Health on the Affected Populations."

Dr. Theriault also addressed "From Rape as a Tool of Genocide to
Genocide as a Tool of Rape," during a panel on "Gender and Sexual

Yair Auron (Israeli Open University) discussed "Holocaust and Genocide
Education in Israel: Critical Perspectives on a National Failure,"
as part of a panel on "Victims among Genocide: The Challenge of
Genocide Studies in Israel."

Paul Bartrop (Deakin University and Bialik College) presented "Film
and Genocide: An Examination of Answered by Fire as a Way into
Understanding East Timor in 1999" for a panel on "Global Genocide

Joyce Apsel chaired a book panel on Darfur and the Crime of Genocide,
which included John Hagan and Wenona Rymond-Richmond.