"Neither Azerbaijani Nor Turkish Hackers Broke Government’S Web Site


14:48 23/07/2009

Hackers, that have been attacking Armenian web sites in previous
week, were neither Azeri nor Turkish, Samvel Martirosyan, expert
of information security affairs told reporters at news conference
today. "The panic of the attack has become rumors claiming that
Government’s official web site was broken. I could be mistaken,
but I think that the attack was organized by those hackers which
either wanted to experience their own abilities or to list Armenia’s
governmental web site in their collection, as a general broken site,"
expert said.

Expert says he is sure in his view point as breaking the governmental
site and making no "serious" changes in it is not common to Azeri. But
the attack on Armenian web sites just a day after breaking Government’s
site is most possibly done by Azeri, though they have been thought to
be Arabic hackers. It should be taken into account that such attacks
are going to be continued. It’s also possible, expert says, that the
Azerbaijani special agencies use hackers’ group under their governance.

Grigor Sahyan, of "Arminco" Company told that though they did not
have definite information about the hackers’ group but they knew for
sure they were experienced enough. The information technologies are
getting developed and the more developed the security tools become
the more developed are attacking tools.

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