Baku Concedes Its Nerve: Failed Imitation

16:46 23/07/2009

The OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs released on July 21 statement informing
that at the end of July the updated version of Madrid Document would
be prepared and presented in Krakov, Poland. Just a day passed and
official Baku made different announcements which are interesting
enough to analyze.

"If Armenian party takes into account the reality, analyzes and pays
attention on Azerbaijan’s developing possibilities, Karabakh conflict
will be soon resolved," President Ilham Aliev announced at Government’s
session yesterday. To be more careful Aliev’s statement resembles
Khrushchov’s famous statement – "To reach America and to pass it."

It seems that Azerbaijan is struggling for "overtaking and surpassing"
Armenia. So, it’s worth mentioning that in both cases – Aliev and
Khrushchov, the visions are unfeasible. It was two days earlier that
Russia’s deputy of State Duma Aleksey Mitrofanov explained Azerbaijani
reporter that even if the world forced Armenians would not yield.

Regarding Aliev’s statements they are remarkable – it turns out that
Azerbaijani leader said what experts persisted – Baku is not ready
to compromises and statements on constructivism are but myths.

Vafa Guluzade said the same day what officials in Baku could not say:
"OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs could even make omelette, in any case
Azerbaijan has not recognized Madrid Principles and any updated
version of document to transfer Azerbaijani territories to Armenia
via referendum is unacceptable for Azerbaijan. I think weather is
fine in Krakov and the co-chairs will leave for Poland to have a
rest." To decode Guluzade’s statement we make our conclusions.

First, Azerbaijan is not ready for compromises. Ilham Aliev himself
affirmed it. So, Baku does not want any other settlement which
differs from their ideal version. This means that Baku is not ready
for compromises. Surely, such manifestations do happen in Armenian
party also, but the officials have not made such statements. We think
international society will take into account this fact when defining
the basic directions of regional cooperation.

Second, Azerbaijan is not satisfied with OSCE Minsk Group (format),
though they have been always expressing their disapproval to the
mediators’ activities. Feeling Moscow’s, Brussels’ (presented by
France) and Washington’s tough counteraction, Baku started to imitate
constructivism and satisfaction. Finally, Guluzade put everything in
their places saying even if they made omelette… It’s worth reminding
that the states joint to "Non-aligned movement" organization adopted
declaration recently recognizing supremacy of self-determination
right of nations.

Azerbaijan accuses co-chairs in corruption. Vafa Guluzade’s definition
on preparing Madrid document and presenting it in Krakov makes us
thinking that the co-chairs leave for Poland to have a rest. In this
respect indirect accusation is made towards the diplomats. To conclude,
Guluzade wanted to say that the co-chairs are the obstacles to the
conflict settlement as they use their status to make voyages. We
think the co-chairs should have made tough commenting on Guluzade’s

Azerbaijan is not constructive. It was above mentioned that official
Baku refuses disposition of compromises. Guluzade keep claiming that
Baku will not recognize mediators’ recommendations. So Azerbaijan
refuses what does not exist yet, which means that they refuse the
negotiations (dialogue). It remains us to hope that international
society, especially the mediating states will make correspondent