West Not To Permit Of Any War In The Region


16.07.2009 13:37 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ No extraordinary developments are expected
of upcoming meeting between Armenian and Azeri Presidents, said
Sergey Mikheev, Vice President of Russian Centre for Political
Technologies. Moscow, according to him, simply allows parties to meet
together and discuss ways of solution, but it cannot impose anything
on them.

"Azerbaijan and Armenia are sovereign countries just like Russia and
United States. None of us is allowed to force regional countries into
signing peace agreement or threaten them with sanctions. Such approach
is unfeasible and unserious. Parties themselves should reach agreement;
we can only support them in their efforts," Russian expert noted,
adding that the West will not permit of any war in the region after
declaring of its intention to launch Nabucco project.

To the question whether Azerbaijan will express desire to restore its
territorial integrity through military operations, Mikheev answered,
"We know that Azerbaijan is getting armed by purchasing arms from
United States, Russia, Israel and other countries, but its not a
way out of the situation. Parties had better conduct talks instead
of waging war which may complicate the geopolitical situation in
the region. So, neither Russia nor the West will permit of any war
here. That’s why, I see no alternative to negotiations," he stressed.

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