Ceremony Commemorates Armenian Genocide

Vironique Leduc

Courrier Bordeaux/Cartierville
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May 4 2009

The Armenian community of Montreal and Laval commemorated the 94th
anniversary of the Armenian genocide, which took place in 1915 during
the First World War. It is difficult to count the number of deaths, but
this event would have cost the life of more than a million Armenians.

Nearly 400 people took part in a religious ceremony at Marcelin-Wilson
Park on April 24 in front of a monument in memory of the victims
of genocides.

Councillors Noushig Eloyan (Bordeaux-Cartierville) and Mary Deros
(Park-Extension), both of Armenian origin, took part at this time
of reflection. "Our deceased will not rest in peace as long as this
genocide is not recognized by the whole world," said Deros.

Eloyan, whose grandparents were survivors of the genocide, spoke about
the ceremony as a collective duty of memory. "That our deceased are
reassured, they will never be forgotten."

The ceremony was followed by a demonstration in Ottawa before
Parliament and the Turkish embassy.


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