Armenian Journalist Barely Survives Assassination Attempt – Report


April 30

Coordinator of ArmeniaToday news agency Argishti Kiviryan was the
victim of a failed assassination attempt in the Armenian capital
Erevan in the early hours of this morning. Several shots were fired
but failed to hit Kiviryan, however he was badly beaten in the attack
by an unknown assailant, Russian website reports.

"Kiviryan was cruelly beaten near our house in the morning." Kiviryan’s
wife Lusine Saakyan said. "Now his condition is serious, he is in the
emergency room. The doctors have not informed me about his future,"
she added.

Police have begun a search for the attacker but it has so far yielded
no results. The incident is currently under investigation and a
criminal case has been initiated.

Investigators have suggested that the attempt may be related to his
professional activities. Kiviryan was the coordinator of projects
for ArmeniaToday and Bagin news agencies. He had been highlighting
the problems of the mostly Armenian neighborhood in Georgian region

Investigators have also suggested that the attack may be related to
Kiviryan’s familial ties; he is the brother of Armenika Kiviryan,
Regnum news agency’s editor-in-chief.

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