Karabakh Political Parties Call For Recognition Of Genocide, Karabak


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

STEPANAKERT–A joint announcement issued Tuesday by seven political
parties working in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic urges the
international community to recognize the Armenian Genocide and the
independence of Karabakh.

"Recent political developments, which aim to determine the scope of
relations between countries in the region are cause for deep concern
because they also include issues of vital importance for the Armenian
people," said the announcement.

"We deem unacceptable any attempt whereby the fact of the Armenian
Genocide is called into question or becomes a subject of discussion
and we call on the international community to, instead of telling the
Armenian people to get over its past and reconcile, be vigilant that
Turkey recognizes the crime committed against the Armenian people
and mankind by the Ottoman Empire and make the necessary moral and
financial reparations," the statement continued.

"As bearers of the political will of a people that not so long ago
confronted the real threat of Genocide and after a forced war defended
the inalienable right to independence and self-rule, we appeal to
the countries of the region and the international community never to
question the self-governance of the people of Artsakh and the reality
of an independent state," the statement continued.

The political parties also added that the international recognition
of the Armenian Genocide and Karabakh’s independence will benefit
the establishment of justice and restore the rights of all oppressed

The statement was signed by the "Free Homeland" party, the Democratic
Party of Artsakh, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Artsakh
Central Committee, the "Movement 88" party, the "Moral Renaissance"
party, the Communist Party of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the
"Armengan" Party of Artsakh.


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