Community Urged To Participate In Genocide Commemoration


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GLENDALE–The Armenian Genocide United Commemoration Committee issued
the following announcement, which we publish as is:

Turkey’s premeditated, organized and successfully perpetrated genocide
of its Armenian minority, the first genocide of the 20th century,
remains unpunished by the international community of nations.

Today more than ever, Armenians remain the masters of their civil
rights and responsibilities. Political developments over the past
few weeks, especially those pertaining to the potential opening of
the border between Armenian and Turkey, are nothing more than a fig
leaf for Ankara to avoid addressing the real and substantive issues
of acknowledgement and reparations vis-a-vis the Armenian Genocide.

Armenians will not allow Turkey to shirk from its
responsibilities. With a resounding voice, we will continue to remind
the world that Turkey is obligated to provide pecuniary and territorial
compensation to the Armenian nation. Armenians will never cease in
its pursuit of justice for the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

We appeal to Armenians in California to partake in our collective
pursuit of justice by participating this April 24th at the annual
Armenian Genocide commemoration at the Armenian Martyrs Memorial
Monument in Montebello.

Specifically, at 10:30 am a dignified Divine Liturgy (Soorp
Badarak) followed by a solemn requiem service, involving clerical
representatives from the three Christian Armenian denominations
– Apostolic, Catholic and Protestant ‘s will take place at the
Montebello monument.

This will be followed at 12:30 pm with a political rally and the
94th anniversary observance of the Armenian Genocide. A number of
elected public officials and dignitaries will be attending the rally
and addressing the audience.

In addition, a wreath- and flower-laying ceremony will take place
before the Montebello monument, allowing all in attendance to pay
homage to the 1.5 million Armenian martyrs who perished during the

The address of the Armenian Martyrs Memorial Monument in Montebello
is at Bicknell Park, 900 Via San Clemente.

At 10:30 am on April 24th, let us all ‘s young and old, Armenians
and our non-Armenian friends ‘s make a concerted effort to attend
the 94th anniversary observance of the Armenian Genocide in Montebello.

Armenian Genocide United Commemoration Committee

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