New Res: "California Day of Remembrance for The Armenian Genocide"

PanArmenian, Armenia
April 18 2009

A new resolution called "California Day of Remembrance for the
Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923"

19.04.2009 01:01 GMT+04:00
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Assistant Majority Leader Paul Krekorian (California
State Assembly) is set to commemorate the annual remembrance of
modern-day genocide ` including the 94th anniversary of the Armenian
Genocide – in April when he leads the Assembly in a tribute on
Thursday, April 23.

"Like so many of my brethren, I have been personally touched by the
horrific events that befell our ancestors nearly a century ago,"
Assistant Majority Leader Krekorian said. "As a member of the
Assembly, it is not only my job, but my personal responsibility to
shine a light on those events. But we, as Americans, also need to
reflect on other atrocious acts – from Rwanda to Darfur and beyond –
that have stricken the globe."

Beginning Wednesday, April 22, the rotunda in the state capitol will
feature a unique multimedia display of photographs, videos and
interactive exhibits from acclaimed artists focusing on the Armenian
Genocide. That night, Assistant Majority Leader Krekorian will host a
screening of "Screamers" – which follows the rock band System of a
Down as they tour Europe and the U.S. pointing out the travesty
inherent in modern-day genocide. The movie will be shown at the Crest

On Thursday, April 23, the Assembly will convene with an opening
invocation from Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, to be followed by a vote
on Assembly Joint Resolution 14, which would designate April 24, 2009,
as a "California Day of Remembrance for the Armenian Genocide of
1915-1923." A reception will follow.

Assemblymember Paul Krekorian (D-Burbank) represents the cities of
Burbank and Glendale, and the Los Angeles communities of Atwater
Village, Los Feliz, North Hollywood, Silver Lake, Toluca Lake, Valley
Glen, Valley Village and Van Nuys.

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