Why Policemen Were Not Arrested


19:09:18 – 10/04/2009

More than a year passed after the tragedy of March 1, but no policeman
has been arrested up today and no one is persecuted. Do the Police
have nothing to be blamed for? This question was asked to Serge
Sargsyan at the press conference on April 10.

`Everyone is to blame for the March 1 events. I mean the Police forces
as well. But this general conception of guilty or not guilty is not a
term of the crime code, the crime code likes concreteness, which lacks
today,’ says Serge Sargsyan. He said that no one have been arrested
because there is no concrete fact.

He also explained the share of fault of the government and of the
Police is according to him. `I think that the share of fault of the
government and the Police is that the professionalism lacked. But,
being sincere, I have to note that the Police are not to be blamed for
this, but this was a consequence of the general state. As you may
know, we are obliged to have a big army and it needs big finances, and
the Police are given what is left from the army finances. That is why
it had to use residual armies on that day and the level of
professionalism was scarce. But we have to take into account that the
government and the Police had to keep the public order.

According to him, any government must keep the order. `And, in
relation of what measures of struggle are adopted against the
government, it has to respond in an adequate way. If the wrongdoers of
March 1 did not use arms the Police would not be obliged to use them
either. I’m more than sure of this,’ said Serge Sargsyan.