BEIRUT: Is Murr Stabbing Tashnak?

Elie Diab

April 7 2009

Deputy al-Murr announced his candidacy for the parliamentary elections
in a press conference held this afternoon during which he reviewed
the past four years.

Through the announcement, he spoke about what he called "negative
attitudes" of the Change and Reform Bloc, saying that "the withdrawal
of the Siniora government" in 2005 is an example of such negative
attitudes of the bloc.

Has Mr. Murr forgotten that General Aoun refused to engage in a
Government where the Tashnak party is not represented because of
Mr. Siniora’s refusal? He refused for the largest Armenian party to
join the government then.

Is this the biggest reason that Murr considered as a negative attitude?

Tashnak are known to be loyal to their allies and do not stab them
in their back …Unfortunately Michel Murr did it …