Armenian Turcologist: Recognition Of Armenian Genocide By The USA Is


2009-04-02 17:43:00

ArmInfo. The USA’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide 1915-1923
in the Ottoman Empire has become inconvertible, Armenian turcologist
Hakob Chakryan told journalists, Thursday.

Even if US President Barack Obama abstains from using the word
"Genocide" in his April speech, this being quite possible, it will
change nothing as Resolution 106 will shortly be submitted for
consideration of the US Congress, he said.

According to the expert, Obama may abstain from using the term
"Genocide" because of the complicated geopolitical situation of the
USA, as well as due to the complicacies and losses of the coalition
troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. In this context, the US base in
Turkish Incirlik becomes of special significance for the Pentagon.

"In any case, Turks may only delay the USA’s recognition of the
Armenian Genocide, but Ankara is unable to make the USA give up this
idea if one takes into account the significance of the States and the
fact that Obama gave about 500 promises to recognize the Genocide",-
Chakryan said.

The Genocide of Armenians has been recognized by Uruguay, Russia,
France, Lithuania, the Lower Chamber of Italian Parliament,
the majority of American States, the Greek, Cyprian, Argentinean,
Belgian Parliaments, the Parliament of Wales, the National Council of
Switzerland, the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament and Polish
Seim. Turkey denies the genocide of 1,5 million Armenians in 1915-1923.

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