Everything Will Be Done To Save Them


13:24:09 – 20/03/2009

The Armenian ministry of Defence issued a statement saying "The
Armenian soldiers undergo psychical, moral repression and physical
violations by the Azerbaijani special services, in which result they
are constrained to make false statements.

This kind of approach of the Azerbaijani official structures towards
the military captives as well as prohibition to have any contact with
their parents and relatives is a rough breach of the international
rights, namely the 3rd and 4th Conventions of Geneva. Meanwhile,
the Armenian side has always procured the possibility for the
Azerbaijani military captives to contact their relatives, to have
medical assistance, etc. Unlike this fact, the Azerbaijani side
has not given any information through the Red Cross International
Committee about the Armenian military captive Paruyr Simonyan up to
date. Moreover, P. Simonyan has been deprived of his rights, which
is a rough breach of above mentioned conventions.

The Azerbaijani military captives, whom Armenia, according to the
international norms, returned to Azerbaijan, according to our reliable
information, are subject to torture: as a rule they are being exposed
to criminal persecution and as a result they are sentenced to long
years of imprisonment.

The Armenian ministry of Defence states again its devotion to
the international norms and brings the circumstance of using the
military captives as inner propaganda subjects the attention to the
international public and structures especially the UN and the Red
Cross, demanding to put an end on this inhumane State activities.

They also remind that all the soldiers of Armenia, including the
military captives, are under the protection of the Armenian ministry
of defence and everything possible will be done for their freedom.

The Armenian ministry turns to the sons of the Armenian Nation who
become captives by Azerbaijani special services, saying:

"Soldiers, we fully comprehend the inhumane situation you are in now,
in Azerbaijan. We are well aware of the cruel steps of the Azerbaijani
special services.

You committed breaches of the disciplinary norms of the military
service and as a result you turn out to be in the enemy’s hands. But
you are your fatherland’s sons and bearing worthy responsibility for
your mistake is a peculiarity of an Armenian man and a soldier. Play
any possible trick with the enemy to save you life and find your
way Home.

Remember, that your motherland like your parents is always waiting
for you to return.

This is the call of your Homeland," is said in the statement.

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