Today The Government Discussed The 2008 Performance Reports Of The R


Fr iday, 30 January 2009

In the first half of the day, reports were presented by the minister
of energy and natural resources, the head of the general department
of civil aviation, the head of the State committee of immovable
property cadastre by the government, the minister of transport and
communication, the minister of urban development.

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan reminded that the full texts of the
reports will be posted on the websites of the ministries and agencies
concerned, while these discussions are only meant to address the
shortfalls and controversial issues.

To begin with, the Prime Minister highlighted the responsibility of the
ministries and government agencies in terms of contributing to revenue
collection under their respective terms of reference. In particular,
Tigran Sargsyan stressed the need for keeping in touch with the State
Revenue Committee to ensure proper compliance with the rules of fiscal
(financial) discipline, more stringent control over the receipt of
State duties and higher efficiency in data exchange operations. The
Prime Minister stated in part: "Those entities receiving State orders
under the Capital Repair of Administrative Buildings and Premises item
commit fund redistributions, procurement-induced VAT-inclusive accounts
receivable prove to be inflated20at the expense of pay-roll allocations
and profit statements which sometimes leads to profitability returns
below the minimum standards. We must strictly observe that such
behavior is ruled out in the ministries as it deprives the State of
the amounts due to the Treasury. Any relevant information required by
laws should be made available in a timely manner so as tax authorities
can trace out the whole process. Each minister will bear personal
responsibility for proper control and surveillance."

Speaking about the problems faced up in the energy sector, inclusive
of fiscal receipts in particular, the Prime Minister pointed out the
adverse impact of natural losses, cancelled accounts receivable,
long-standing arrears and reassessed fixed assets. According to
the Prime Minister, corresponding units in the ministry should be
responsible for routine control and notify tax authorities about
problems, if any. "Any minister should realize that together with tax
authorities they have a responsibility in ensuring that revenue is
collected in full and in a timely manner. This is a new task for the
energy ministry. You are well aware that the management of natural
resources has been assigned to the ministry of energy which is quite
a new function for the ministry," the Prime Minister said and went on
to stress the importance of such endeavors as will have to be carried
out after streamlining this field.

Then ministry20and department heads reported back their shortcomings
and the instances of non-performance, the reasons and causes behind
them and outlined the steps towards addressing the situation. The
Prime Minister gave a number of instructions in this regard. With
reference to the report made by the head of the General Department of
Civil Aviation, Tigran Sargsyan noted that a legislative amendment is
out concerning the duty levied from natural persons on leaving the
country. He urged the General Department of Civil Aviation and the
State Revenue Committee to inform thereof the public-at-large. "As a
matter of fact, while this amendment is supposed to ease the task of
our citizens, we will have to raise the awareness of the public so
as to rule out any misunderstanding whatsoever," the Prime Minister
has stressed.

The Ministry of Finance, too, was given an assignment regarding the
collection of the so-called "air duty" considering that any decision
on funding of civil servants’ business trips are endorsed by this very
agency. The Prime Minister recommended stakeholders to cooperate with
the Ministry of Finance in this matter.

Tigran Sargsyan called the attention of RA ministers and heads of
government agencies on the irregularities revealed by the Control
Chamber of the Republic of Armenia and urged to take all necessary
action in order to rule them out in future.

In the second half of the day, reports were presented by the head
of the State Property Management Department by the Government, the
Diaspora and justice ministers, the head of the Water Management
Committee of the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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