Azeri Serviceman Doesn’t Want To Return To Azerbaijan


[07:02 pm] 19 November, 2008

Azeri serviceman Rafig Hasanov (born in 1989) captured by Armenians
on October 8 of this year on the contact line in the Gazakh direction
doesn’t want to return to his Homeland.

Today representative of the Joint Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces,
Lieutenant Colonel Samvel Asatryan said Rafig Hasanov doesn’t want
to return to Azerbaijan for several reasons. Firstly, when Rafig
Hasanov was taken captive he was in deep depression and told about
his sufferings and tortures in the Azeri army.

Samvel Asatryan notes that representatives of the International
Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) regularly visit Hasanov, inquire about
his state and ensure that he has no health problems. The captive has
also sent a letter to his parents.

Note that according to the Azeri side, Armenian soldier Simonyan,
1989, taken captive by Azeris on May 25 2008, doesn’t want to return to
Armenia. Samvel Asatryan considers Azeris’ statement as a falsehood. He
recalled the incident of another Armenian captive Hambardzum Asatryan
who was rumoured to have refused to return to Armenia either. But in
the end Asatryan was back with horrifying impressions.

Presently, the Armenian side is negotiating with Azerbaijan over
Simonyan’s return. Samvel Asatryan says so far the ICRC has delivered
no letters to Simonyan’s relatives.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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