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Public Television of Armenia
Oct 17 2008

[Presenter] Three months ago, at the initiative of the OSCE and the
Board of Public TV and Radio, BBC experts visited [Public TV] Channel
One for five days to familiarize themselves with the work and staff
of Armenian Public TV. Today, they prepared a needs assessment report
which would be used as guidelines to help boost the quality of public
broadcasting in Armenia. After assessing the needs, the Britons would
send specialists next year to assist in writing an ethics code and
editorial guidelines and will participate in political talk shows
and the production of "Haylur" [news programme]. The expected changes
will be implemented on Channel One and Ararat Channel.

[Michael Randall, captioned as BBC World Service Head of Programmes,
CIS, in English, with Armenian voice-over] After studying Public TV
thoroughly, we saw that not only there is insufficiency of programmes
and films produced by the company but also there is a management
problem and a need for completely new programmes. This is a matter
of time, and we are ready to help you, we will prepare TV programmes

[Armen Arzumanyan, Armenian Public TV executive director] The launch
of the Ararat Channel will give us a new opportunity to change that
conception. I mean for people to identify those two channels when
referring to Public TV, another four channels, for example, in 10
years, and to consider the accomplishment or non-accomplishment of
this mission of Public TV’s in its entirety.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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