Pasadena/Vanadzor Student Exchange Program Seeks Applicants


Armenian Reporter
October 22, 2008

Pasadena, Calif. – The Pasadena Sister Cities’ (PSCC) Armenia
Subcommittee announced that it is seeking applicants for its
Pasadena/Vanadzor Student Exchange Program. The deadline for
applications is November 28.

The PSCC announced that the Armenia Subcommittee has managed past
student exchanges with positive results. High school students from
Pasadena, 16 and over, who spend time in Vanadzor come back "raving
about the warm hospitality, family values, and the cultural heritage
f Armenia."

Reciprocally, students from Armenia who visit Pasadena spend time
with teachers, intern with professionals, and live with Armenian or
non-Armenian families, to get immersed in the local culture.

The Student Exchange Program is a volunteer initiative. Students pay
their own travel fare but are housed and entertained by families in
the host city. The exchange is managed from Pasadena through affiliates
in Vanadzor.

"Exchange-program students are the best ambassadors of goodwill to
propagate the benefits of mutual visits," said the PSCC and urged
Pasadena-area schools and families to recommend students for the

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