Armenia, Slovakia Interested In Developing Cultural Ties

26.09.2008 16:59

RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan today received the Minister of
Slovenia Marek Madyaric. The Prime Minister welcomed the initiatives
of development of cooperation between the Culture Ministries of the
two countries. Tigran Sargsyan noted that deepening of relations in
the field of culture can become a good means for the reinforcement
of Armenian-Slovak economic ties and active cooperation. RA Prime
Minister attached importance to the cooperation agreement signed
between the Culture Ministries of Armenia and Slovakia, noting that
this interagency document will promote the interesting bilateral
initiatives in the field of culture.

Minister of Culture of Slovakia Marek Madyarich also underlined the
importance of the document from the perspective of development of
cooperation. According to the Minister, the political relations between
his country and Armenia are on a high level. However, the same cannot
be said about the cultural and economic ties. Mr. Madyarich considers
that the existing potential is not fully utilized, and there is still
a lot of work to be done in this direction.

The interlocutors spoke about the process of Armenia’s European
integration, the activity of eth Armenian community in Slovakia,
the latest developments in the region.

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