World Music Expo & Grammy Nominated Armenian Musical Instrument

HULIQ (press release), NC
July 30 2008

`World Music Expo’ & `Grammy’ Nominated Armenian Legendary Musical

Womex (World Music Expo) Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2002 and
Grammy in 2007 nominated Djivan Gasparyan as an Armenian national
hero, created cross-cultural collaborations with many legendary
musicians and composers. By him Armenian Symbolic Musical Instrument
obtained worldwide popularity in Show-Business.

One of the wholly Armenian oldest and traditional musical instruments
in the world, its redolent, colorful character and warm sound that
bring just enjoyment or sadness is Armenian wood-wind musical
instrument – duduk! All over the centuries, the Armenian duduk has
passed through to many adjoining countries and today different
versions of the Armenian duduk can be found in Georgia, Azerbaijan,
Turkey and Persia, also named differently.

Magical Armenian duduk has been particularly developed to bring a
warm, flexible character.

Over the years the unique technique of duduk making has been applied
in Armenia: an apricot tree lumber was used, while other countries
always use other wood.

. The Armenian duduk is perpetually played with addition of a second
duduk-`dum’, which gives the music a force and stimulant atmosphere,
harmoniously with the principal duduk. The duduk is also typically
being an adjunct with `dhol’. The dhol is known as its positive
Armenian dance rhythms. However, even when the duduk plays lament, the
gentle touch of the dhol provides a suitable background.

Armenian duduk has truly become a part of daily life in Armenia. In
fact, it would not be an overstatement to say that no wedding
ceremony, festive occasion, or family gathering would be complete
without a duduk player. The duduk has been used in many western
movies; particularly it has been used in film soundtracks for "The
Last Temptation of Christ", "The Crow", `Gladiator’, `Titanic’ and

Only one oldest musical instrument in the world can talk with you,
entertain and amuse you, can also get you into deep meditation `