Why Should Everyone At Least Once Visit Armenia

HULIQ (press release), NC
July 30 2008

Why Should Everyone At Least Once Visit Armenia

There are numerous impressive and memorable sites in Armenia. However,
every single visitor will forever remember the most majestic and the
noblest scene in the world, the fabulous view of Holy Mount Ararat.

Every Christian must see the Ararat at least once in his life. The
Bible says about this mountain: `And on the seventeenth day of the
seventh month the ark comes to rest on the mountains of Ararat.’
(Genesis, 8:4). During the great flood, after floating on waters for
150 days, the Noah’s ark stopped on Mount Ararat. And on this very
day, the human race was granted a second birth in Armenia: on Mount
Ararat. And this very fact makes both Ararat and Armenia a holy place.
Many scientists and researchers have tried to find the ark. And for
this purpose Ararat has been photographed from satellites. Many
interested facts have been discovered and they indirectly confirm the
existence of the ark. In any case, many puzzles here will one day get
their answers.

Mount Ararat has been the source of inspiration for many poets and
painters with its matchless beauty.

Although the Ararat Mountain is not in Armenian territorial borders,
but the best views of the Holy Mountain are from Armenia. The big
mount of Ararat Armenians call Masis, and the Small Ararat is called
Sis. All tours in Armenia `include observations of Ararat’ from
Ararat plateau, from Yerevan city and suburbia, as well as from many
hotels, apartments and residences (mainly from Norq district) that
gives wonderful views of the mountain.

One of the best observation posts for the mountain is R. Israelyan’s
memorial `Masis temple’. This arch is located on the way the Garni,
and from this post you have enjoy the unique view of Ararat and Ararat
Plateau. On the arch the words of famous Armenian poet Yeghishe
Chartents are engraved: `Pass over the world, you will not find the
top whiter than Ararat’s, like unreachable praise way, I love my mount
of Ararat’. The monument can be visited during the tour to Garni

There is a beautiful view to Ararat Mountain from Khor Virap. The Holy
place of Armenia Apostolic Church and pilgrims, Khor Virap is located
close to the border with Turkey, on a hill. For the whole way from
Yerevan to Khor Virap, the mountain is escorting travelers, creating
an impression like it is inviting you to visit.

You can choose any tour that will give you a wonderful impression,
but, however Ararat view will be the most memorable one.