Miasnik Malkhasian Under Medical Observation


28 July, 2008

"The state of Armenian MP Miasnik Malkassian detained in connection
with the March 1 unrest has worsened," the press secretary to the
Penitentiary Department of the RoA Ministry of Justice, Arsen Babayan,
said to A1+.

Malkhassian suffers from diabetes mellitus. Presently, he is
under medical observation in the Yerevan-Kentron Penitentiary
Institution. Babayan says though Malkhassian doesn’t need an inpatient
treatment all efforts will be taken to improve Malkhassian’s health.

Note, Malkhassian’s Advocate Melania Arustamian has petitioned the
pre-trial body to hospitalize the detainee.

"I think that Miasnik’s restraint should be reviewed," said Artsvik
Minassian, member of the ARF Dashnaktsutiun and the NA ad hoc Committee
for March 1