David Matevosian: "Attend The Opposition Rally"


28 July, 2008

Defendant David Matevossian was welcomed with loud applauses and
shouts in the RoA Appellate Court. Matevossian appeared in chains
and stood in front of his family members who had arrived from Meghri.

"How are you getting on?" Matevossian inquired from his relatives.

Reminder, The Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan’s Kentron and
Nork-Marash districts had sentenced Matevossian to a three years’
imprisonment under Article 316 of the RoA CC /violence against
an official/. Matevossian’s Advocates Vahe Grigorian and Artavazd
Farsadanian had disputed the verdict in the Appellate Court.

Today’s court sitting was adjourned because of the prosecutor’s

"There is no court of justice in Armenia," Matevossian’s wife,
Mrs. Susanna, told A1+.

David Matevossian’s daughter, Hermine, member of "Hima" youth movement,
says the Appellate Court will hardly uphold the claim.

Matevossian left the court hall in a high mood and called on the
presentees to attend the August 1 rally."