Zharangutiun poses three questions


[05:57 pm] 25 July, 2008

The NA ad hoc Committee investigating the March 1-2 occurrences in
Yerevan City hopes that the Zharangutiun Party will name new
candidates for the Committee. The Chairman of the Committee Samvel
Nikoyan has already sent a written request to the Zharangutiun.

Reminder, the Zharangutiun had nominated Armenian detained MPs Sasun
Mikayelian and Miasnik Malkhassian but their nomination had been

`All our proposals with regard to the Committee have been turned
down. Nevertheless, Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights
of the Council of Europe, suggested the Committee discharging the fact
finding committee from post-investigative and political functions. He
also suggested reaching a consensus while making decisions. Evidently,
all those proposals had been made by the Zharangutiun and rejected by
the Committee,’ Zharangutiun member Stepan Safarian told A1+ today.

Safarian reminds that if accepted the party’s proposals should have
promoted the Committee’s fruitfulness.

Today the party is seriously concerned about three vital issues. Will
the Committee make decisions on the principle of consensus? Will the
fact finding function be distinguished from the post-investigation
one? And finally, how will the Committee conduct an alternative
investigation if it is not a pre-investigation body?

Stepan Safarian says the Zharangutiun will take a final decision of
its involvement in the Committee after getting a written answer to the
three questions.